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Thank you for bringing new Darwin Awards to our attention!

You spotted a Darwin Award! Natural selection in action! And you want us to know! I appreciate you so much for coming here to submit the Darwin Award event. Please kindly fill in the form below, and our thinky volunteer moderators will review for the Slush Pile. Look for a local news source for the incident—Canadian newspapers reporting an Australian BBQ explosion are a bit distant—reports from newspapers close to the Incident are more accurate and facty factual.

Moderators see it all, so please offer them unique interesting stuff. They appreciate when you add wit and even write it up funny! If you can, rewrite the news article and make it come alive. LOL

There Are Community Rules!

  • Reproduction,
  • Excellence,
  • Self-Selection,
  • Maturity,
  • Veracity.

  • Out of the gene pool, through an astounding misapplication
    of the individual's own judgment, that individual being capable of
    mature decisions, and that event being verifiably true.

    A near-miss is OK for our Honorable Mention category.
    Urban Legends Are Welcome At to



    Please, tell us about it!


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