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2006 Urban Legends

The following stories are apocryphal. They are included on the Darwin Awards website because they are inspirational narratives of the astounding efforts of legendary Darwin Awards contenders.


Garden Bomb
2006 Urban Legend

(2006, Australia) In the suburbs of Adelaide, "the undisputed cannabis capital of Australia," sleeping residents were awakened by a resounding explosion. A smoking hole was found in a neighbor's backyard, still reeking of the pungent odor of marijuana. Police found the remains of a man at the bottom of the hole.

They learned that the deceased had set up a hidden hydroponic system in a large water tank buried in his backyard. He used a CO2 generator--a small flame from a butane gas bottle--to improve plant growth. On this particular evening, the man had climbed down into his garden paradise, only to find that the flame had gone out. Without knowing how many days the gas had been leaking into his, er, bomb, he re-lit the flame.

Darwin asks: "Can anyone confirm this? I have received many skeptical comments, including some from people claiming to live in that area. For media references, so far I've only noticed one that seemed credible. This promising lead purported to be an Australian police document from the relevant territorial police force. However, their entire online media center is offline at present."

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Submitted by: Dennis George

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