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Darwin Awards:
Intelligent Design

Darwin Awards:
Survival of the Fittest

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Unnatural Selection

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Evolution in Action

"First you're an unknown,
then you write one
book and you move
up to obscurity."
~Martin Myers

Darwin Awards
Christopher M. Kelly
Writer & Renaissance Man

Chris is a writer and gifted Renaissance man, as well as my great and good friend. He graduated from Stanford University, worked at Apple Computer in Cupertino, and wrote a biography about the man who invented the multivitamin. He also wrote the cult humor book, It's Okay to Be Happy, to cheer up a depressed girlfriend.

Chris now lives in his hometown of Spokane, where he can be found scribbling in coffee shops and participating in the Entrepreneurs' Forum of the Great Northwest (www.efgn.org). His current project is turning Spokane into an entrepreneurial Mecca.

Chris is in danger of winning a Darwin Award. He needs a muse and a mate. Chris seeks an attractive, intelligent, and kind woman to be his partner, his inspiration, and the mother of his offspring. Chris deserves to remain in the gene pool. Please don't let Chris's genes die out!

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