Darwin Awards II
"Unnatural Selection"

C h a p t e r  9  S t o r i e s

Disqualified: Losing Is Its Own Reward
( Excerpt from Chapter 9 )

Not a Darwin: Underwire Bras Deadly
(September 1999, London) Two women became victims of fashion when their underwire bras acted as electrical conductors. The ladies were enjoying a break from shopping by taking a walk in Hyde Park, when a thunderstorm drove them under a tree for shelter. The Thailand natives were struck by a bolt of lightning, which killed them instantly. Their bodies were ignored by other walkers until the following day, when it became apparent that they were not simply sleeping vagrants.

Forensic evidence revealed that the lightning discharge was channeled into the metal brassieres, leaving burn marks on the women's chests. The coroner stated that it was only the second time in his experience of fifty thousand deaths where an underwire brassiere was implicated in a fatal electrocution. The inquest recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.

Darwinian Rule Violation: Accident-not self-inflicted, and lacks veracity. Not even close to a Darwin! Women wear underwire bras the world over, and these two women's charged encounter was a random electrocution, not the result of a terminally stupid decision. Besides I suspect it's an urban legend, so no Darwin!

C h a p t e r  9  S t o r i e s

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