Darwin Awards II
"Unnatural Selection"

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Penance: Seven Deadly Sins
( Excerpts from Chapter 1 )

Darwin Award: Vanity -- Perilous Pose
September 2000, Germany  |  The picturesque medieval city of Rothenburg was recently the scene of a dramatic artistic effort. A fifty-three-year-old man from Baden-Würtemberg was posing nude in front of his camera, balanced atop a stone wall, when he lost his balance and fell sixteen feet to the ground below. Unlike its erstwhile owner, the camera remained safely settled on the tripod on the wall, and police plan to develop the film for clues to the man's death. Darwin anticipates that this story will stand as a testament to the self-pruning nature of the tree of life.   Reference: (Unconfirmed) Ananova.com

Darwin Award: Greed -- Crystal Daze
2000, Mexico  |  Chihuahua, Mexico, is home to two hot caverns containing the largest natural crystals known to man. "Walking into either of these caves is like stepping into a sweltering, gigantic geode," described one awed observer. Some of the clear crystals of selenite are over twenty feet long. The newly discovered caverns buried twelve hundred feet below the surface of the earth carry a curse for those who seek to plunder their riches. A man recently tried to steal one of the magnificent crystals from the roof, and might have succeeded if he hadn't stood directly beneath it while chopping it free. He was crushed by the sparkling stalactite as it heeded the call of gravity.   Reference: (Confirmed) Discovery Channel News

C h a p t e r  1  S t o r i e s

Vanity: Liposuction Tragedy
Vanity: Perilous Pose
Wrath: Throwing Stones
Greed: Crystal Daze
Sloth: Sleepfalling

Envy: Flames of Passion
Envy: Moscow Marauder
Gluttony: Ethanol Schmethanol
Gluttony: Men Eating Chili
Lust: Emergency Room Excitement

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