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Multitasking Gone Wrong

Ms Darwin says: "Good writing, thanks Steven N, you nailed the event! Yet the article URL is 2022-02-20/six-injured-in-rancho-bernardo-crash and historically the Darwin Awards honor is not bestowed upon those whose incompetence harms people around them. What do you think, maybe disqualify this one on account of 6 collateral injuries reported? The dumbash caused a 6-car pileup too--with a self-inflicted penalty of death, we can only hope he is riding a bicycle in the afterlife."


Life sometimes pulls one's focus in multiple directions, occasionally requiring one to mutlitask. Those who are adept successfully finish multiple tasks with some time saved. Those who are inefficient may end up taking longer than if they completed each task individually. And then there's the case of one 28 year old who on a sunny day in a town outside San Diego in Feb 2022 who decided to take things to an extreme level. What does mixing protein powder in a bottle + a knife + driving =? A 6-car crash and a knife in your chest, with the expexted fatal result. Yeah, sometimes its better to focus on one thing at a time.

Submitted on 04/18/2022

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References: Six Injured In Rancho Bernardo Crash
Submitted by: Steven N.

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Stabbing yourself as a result of a car crash is a new one for me, and the fact that no other injuries were reported is a win as far as a DA nomination goes. Thanks, Steven!

Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
This guy is lucky he's the only one suffering. Sheesh. Thanks, Steven!