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2019 January Slush
DA-Dukes of Hazzard
Nutty and fruity
In-Flight Shower
No, Should I go and touch that wire?
A Doctor and Anti Vaxxer combo
Woman killed by her boat propeller
Male Reproductive Home Remedy
Pipe Dream
Crispy Crook Finally Found
Quick bluetooth recharge
Unattended Runaway Volvo hits Owner
Live-streamer climbed and fell
Well he was right in some sort
Lord of the Rings
All that glitters is not gold.
Why would you hit that?
Airfresher explosion
Guy filming bear gets attacked
Darwin sex
Ain't no roadblock strong enough
Kidney for iPhone Teen Bedridden
Unsafe Kill Machine
Caddyshack in Germany
Life cut short robbing hair salon
Watch out for falling trailers
8th fl fall practicing Extreme Yoga
Skier jumping road misses-RIP
Woman Strangles Herself
Copper thief electrocuted at Tower
Hunter Killed by Deer Believed Dead
Un-Safe move
Fatal parachute stunt
Snow Plow Nap
Potassium or not potassium?
Fallng thief
HM: Croc-ception
A Drum Role Please.....
Airplane level crossing
HM: slide of doom
Elephants are seldom drunk
Surfing the flood control channel
Pet Pigeon
Backyard Menace
Death by Playing with Coral Snake
AL man electrocuted
Kung Fu scare
Kill Switch
Is it the red wire or the blue.
Whole new take on Internal Combusti
Morons in a canoe
Don't Lie Down on Bombs!
Florida man strikes again
Nicked in the face by a brick
Leading federal meteorologist drown
Daredevil skateboarder killed
The rodents live for another day
Off Her Trolly
The headline says it all...Teenager
Dry Christmas Tree + Candles = Boom
Woman dies in Tahoe waterfall
Killed by a wardrobe
Man suffers severe thermal burns in
Frozen Filmer
One out of three ain't bad
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Darwin Awards
2019 Slush Pile

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Frozen Filmer

2019 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

As I've seen from the slush pile, you have the story of the Mt. Fuji Live Streamer who fell while filming and that they found a body.

Now, it has been confirmed the body is in fact the live streamer, making this a possible Darwin Award if Wendy accepts this case to the 2019 list.

Submitted on 11/13/2019

Submitted by: J

Copyright © 2019

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes
Thanks for the update!

Candi said:
Definitely Toss: For Darwin's Eyes
Thanks muchly, J!

James said:
Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes

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