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2017 Slush Pile

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DA Steamy Buns

2017 Reader Submission
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Wendy says, "Added to the Archive."


25 Oct 2017 A Malaysian self-professed 'magic man' has died after accidentally steaming himself to death in a wok while trying to 'cleanse body and soul'.

Lim Ba, also known as Black Dog, could be seen sitting in lotus position in a giant metal pan at a Chinese temple in Kuala Sanglang, a small coastal village in northern Malaysia.

A lid was placed over the 68-year-old in preparation for the steaming and he clasped his hands in prayer before a fire was lit under the wok.

But after 30 minutes the performance went horribly wrong and devotees could hear Lim knocking frantically from inside. The lid was raised - and Lim was found unconscious, steam billowing out around him. He was pronounced dead from major second-degree burns and a heart attack.

Submitted on 10/28/2017

Submitted by: Claudius Pseudonymus

Copyright © 2017

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes
We've already received this one and pointed it to the slush pile Claudius, but this writeup is MUCH better, so I'll refer it to Darwin for that reason. Thank you very much.

Tracy said:
Definitely Keep: For Darwin's Eyes
As Candi said...

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