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Raining Feces

2017 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

While I was deployed in Operation Desert Storm, a fellow soldier was assigned to latrine detail. This basically meant dragging out a big metal drum full of waste from a plywood latrine, filling it with diesel fuel and burning off the waste. Unfortunately he filled the waste can with gasoline and for some reason let it percolate in the desert heat for while. When he finally got around to igniting it, it went off with a loud whoosh and sent fecal matter flying everywhere, some of which began to rain back on surrounding area and people.

Submitted on 07/10/2017

Submitted by: Anonymous

Copyright © 2017

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James said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
Even though this technically shouldn't make the cut (filling it with gasoline instead of diesel could have been an honest mistake) as well as the possibility of bystanders being hurt, this IS rather funny and I will let my fellow mods decide! I will keep it as a PA...

Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Personal Account
For a PA I think this is worthy. Thanks!

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