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ICK:Put a live eel where no sun shines.
Pigs = 3; ISIS fighters = 0
Immortal stabs himself to death
DA: 404 Error
HM:Was Not Warned Not To Run Into Wall
HM:Electric Company: 1, Powerless Thief: 0
Howitzer and fire extinguisher
Bad rush,Parkour Adpet electrocuted
Lost bet, duct taped to moving car
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2017 Slush Pile

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Bad rush,Parkour Adpet electrocuted

2017 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

On april 27, 2017 in the city of Québec, Canada. An 18 year old named Félix Boivin died seeking an adrenaline rush. He was out late at night with his cousin possibly to get to the top of an abandonned building. This parkour adept probably wasn't really good at it because he didn't even manage to get to the top, slipping off the fence he was trying to climb and falling onto electrical transformers that were still live. I guess this wasn't the kind of rush he was expected. They didn't need to rush him to an hospital, he was already done. How did Jim Carrey put it in the movie "The Mask" ? Sssssmokin! All puns intended.

Submitted on 04/30/2017

Submitted by: David

Copyright © 2017

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
This is a little different than the typical trespassing type of story that we get so I'll accept it. Thanks, David.

James said:
Definitely Keep: Darwin Award
Thus ends the brief adventures of a knucklehead...whatta way to go! Thanks David!

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