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ICK:Put a live eel where no sun shines.
Pigs = 3; ISIS fighters = 0
Immortal stabs himself to death
DA: 404 Error
HM:Was Not Warned Not To Run Into Wall
HM:Electric Company: 1, Powerless Thief: 0
Howitzer and fire extinguisher
Bad rush,Parkour Adpet electrocuted
Lost bet, duct taped to moving car
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Electric Company: 1, Powerless Thief: 0

2017 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

Wendy says, "Added to the Archive. However I feel sympathy with the poor family without power for two weeks. Fox News reports that there are "options" for people who cannot pay their electric bill, but this family OBVIOUSLY could not pay its bill--yet was extended no assistance."

(17 April 2017, South Carolina) It is tough to live without electricity, yet resistance is futile. The Blue Ridge Electric Company says there are options for people who are unable to pay their bill, but those options were not extended to a family living in the Friendship community near Seneca. After two weeks without power for hot water or refrigeration, a man attempted to restore power to his home. Illegally.

His actions veered from pathetic to ludicrous when he chose an aluminum ladder and car jumper cables to pull power from the grid. He placed the aluminum ladder against the power pole, climbed up, and the jumper clips made contact with an energized conductor. A witness heard the sound of "a shotgun" as 7,200 volts arced from the primary wires through the jumper cable, designed for 12 volts, through the man's body, down the ladder and into the ground.

The power thief was thrown from the top of the pole, and taken to the hospital with contusions and electrical burns. Still living, he cannot win a Darwin Award yet is eligible for an Honorable Mention for his questionable and nearly fatal choices.

SIDEBAR: Readers say that electric power is usually disconnected at the meter, and only disconnected at the pole if there is a problem with the homeowner, such as anger or previous power theft.



Man who's power was disconnected for non payment tried to reconnect his power by the use of an aluminum ladder and jumper cables. Once at the top of the pole the man attempted to connect the transformer to the 7200 volt primary with the jumper cables. Witness heard what sounded like a shotgun and saw the man thrown from the top of the pole. He was airlifted to the hospital and is still alive at this time with unknown injuries.

Submitted on 04/20/2017

Submitted by: Anonymous

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Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
UNbelievable. Just, wow. Thanks.

James said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
If you can't steal the copper wire, just steal the power...! Thanks!

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