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2017 April Slush
ICK:Put a live eel where no sun shines.
Pigs = 3; ISIS fighters = 0
Immortal stabs himself to death
DA: 404 Error
HM:Was Not Warned Not To Run Into Wall
HM:Electric Company: 1, Powerless Thief: 0
Howitzer and fire extinguisher
Bad rush,Parkour Adpet electrocuted
Lost bet, duct taped to moving car
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2017 Slush Pile

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Put a live eel where no sun shines

2017 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

Darwin/Wendy says, "OK, this is a special kind of gross, I could have made it through today without reading this one. On 4/20 no less."

Man shoves live eel up his anus to cure constipation, nearly dies after eel burrows through intestines

worth a mention I think

Submitted on 04/20/2017

Submitted by: Jon

Copyright © 2017

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Bruce said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
This could use a much better writeup, but it's definitely a contender as far as I'm concerned. Thanks, Jon!

Candi said:
Definitely Keep: Honorable Mention
WHY do people keep doing this? (No, really, a Google search shows at least FIVE other people have done this in the past seven years.) Thanks!

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