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iPhone Shocker

2017 Reader Submission
Pending Acceptance

Wendy says, "Added to the Archive."


It was reported today that Richard Bull died from electrocution whilst charging his iPhone in the bath. Apparently this was one Apple that didn't keep the doctor away. Whilst this is pure speculation it is assumed that the iPhone was mistaken for a soap bar at some point and a shocking result ensued. The coroner has apparently written to Apple advising that electricity and water are s dangerous mix. No shit Sherlock. At least in death Richard can be remembered by Darwin Award officianardoes and can take his rightful place amongst those remembered in the annals of the Darwin site. "iWash I hadn't done that!" -Paul Seymour
"No Bull" -wR

paul seymour
Kenneth Pile
Jane Moore


SIDEBAR: "You're vulnerable in the bathroom." A laptop or mobile phone typically has a low voltage of 5V to 20V so you will not feel anything if it falls into your bath... as long as it is not charging. If it is charging, you are at the mercy of the transformer and its breaker fuse.

Submitted on 03/17/2017

Submitted by: Allen T

Copyright © 2017

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Bruce said:
Definitely Toss: Repeat
Thanks, but we've already received this story a number of times.

Candi said:
Definitely Toss: Repeat
What Bruce said.

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