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2017 March Slush
HM:Of Bozo's And Gators...
--Dos Amigos Die in Ditch to Save Dog
HM:Forking Around
HM:Garden Variety Explosives
DA:Ticket machine explosion
Swiss Hot Stove
HM:When you are not
DA:iPhone Shocker
Bitten by the love bug
Grim Roofer...
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Darwin Awards
2017 March Slush Pile

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Stories Ranked by Vote

HM:Of Bozo's And Gators... 8.2 (20 votes)

--Dos Amigos Die in Ditch to Save Dog 7.9 (51 votes)

HM:Forking Around 7.7 (27 votes)

HM:Garden Variety Explosives 7.6 (36 votes)

DA:Ticket machine explosion 7.6 (26 votes)

Swiss Hot Stove 7.6 (23 votes)

HM:When you are not 7.5 (21 votes)

DA:iPhone Shocker 7.4 (33 votes)

Bitten by the love bug 5.7 (17 votes)

Grim Roofer... 0.0 (0 votes)

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